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Faux Fur

When I was 4 or 5 years old, I was given a teddy bear for my birthday – an enormous blue and white creature, almost as a tall I was at that age. He slept with me every night for years, taking up three quarters of my twin bed, while I almost fell off the side. I loved that bear more than anything, even when most of his nubby acrylic fur was worn down to nothing, he lost an eye, and started hemorrhaging pieces of yellow foam from a ripped seam at his arm (paw?). Despite multiple repairs, those bits of foam ended up all over the house – much to my parents' despair – and eventually, my bear was relegated to a storage bin in the basement.

Last year, my mom dug him up during my visit home, and I couldn't believe how small he was – in my mind, he was larger than life. He still is in my heart, in way that only a favorite toy or childhood possession can be.

It's no wonder we love teddy bears so much, they're soft and cuddly – and 100% cruelty-free. So why not incorporate some of that softness into our homes as well? Faux fur has come along way from the ratty, garishly-colored iterations of yesteryear. It is wonderfully lush and beautifully tinted, and will add a layer of warmth and texture in your interiors that is most welcome as the temperature gauge dips below freezing.

For many, the gateway to fur in the house starts with the IKEA faux sheepskins, the perfect little thing to layer over a chair. These work wonderfully with mid-century modern pieces, as they add an element of rustic charm to what can otherwise be a cool, somewhat impersonal look.

The trick about faux fur in the house is not to overthink it. Just throw a length over a chair or sofa and you're done. Don't be surprised if this ends up being the favorite spot of everyone in the house – and that includes the cat.

Upholstery in faux fur is a bit of a step up, and definitely requires a professional touch – though the result will be spectacular. Talk to your Calico design consultant about re-upholstery of an existing piece, or creating an entirely new one. Whether you just need a sounding board for your plans or an experienced guide through the design process, Calico is a great place to start. Best of all, the design consultation is free.

Of course the bedroom is the perfect place for faux fur, in the form of throw pillows, blankets and throws. What a glamorous way to bring some old world Hollywood chic into the bedroom!

I would tread cautiously into the world of colored faux furs, though I do love this mix of an understated blue with natural brown and grays, especially since the rest of the décor is so minimal.

Even the high-pile faux fur shag carpeting from the seventies is making a comeback. But this time around think James Bond, not Austin Powers. In the words of the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld:

“You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur”.

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