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First Impressions

First Impressions

I don't know who coined the phrase you only have one chance at a first impression, but I do know that it was Oscar Wilde – my go-to guy for nuggets of wisdom – who said my first impressions of people are invariably right. Put those two together and what do you get: your mother was right after all; first impressions do matter! And that does not only apply to personal appearance, it applies to our home as well. Think about it: what is it that you want your guests to know about you when they first step into your entryway? This often tiny space can convey a multitude of messages:

  • This is a warm and welcoming home

  • We love children

  • We welcome pets in all shapes and sizes

  • We're not afraid of color

  • We're organized and tidy (this one definitely does not apply to me)

  • We want to you get comfortable

  • We like visitors

  • We have a flair for decorating

That's a lot of responsibility to put onto such a small room – here are a few pointers:

A plump upholstered settee or love seat is the perfect spot to sit down, take off your shoes and get your bearings. A cozy velvet or chenille will immediately set the tone for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If space is at a premium, go for an armless bench. Paired with a stylish tray, it can double as a console table.

Another space-saving trick involves tucking a bench – or a pair of upholstered stools – under a lucite or glass-topped table. They can be seen and pulled out a moment's notice, and will fit in the narrowest of entryways.

An eclectic assortment of pillows in the foyer can be swapped out seasonally – or whenever the mood strikes you. I have a friend who color-coordinates her pillows with the room's floral arrangements. She keeps plenty of spare pillow covers around and comes up with new color and pattern combos on a regular basis.

I absolutely LOVE a bright and bold pattern on a simple bench. This entryway needs little more: a lucite console table, basic mirror and tonal bouquet. Et voilà: art gallery chic!

That awkward triangular bit of wall under the staircase is perfect for creating a stylish mini-vignette with casually layered art, flattering lighting, candles and most importantly: flowers and/or plants.

Last but not least: you can never go wrong with a touch of leopard – what may be a bit much if it was all over your living room looks super chic in this tiny space. Embrace it!

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