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Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue

Those of you who have read my blogposts before already know that I was not born in this country, but chose to make it my home when I was well into my twenties. And even though I have now lived here for almost 24 years, there are still moments that make it very clear I did not have a typical American upbringing: references to the Brady Bunch always go over my head, I get my sports analogies mixed up all the time (especially those involving baseball and American football) and – gasp – I have a strong dislike for peanut butter.

On the other hand, I probably enjoy the sentiment behind the classic American summer holidays more than most, especially the joyous 4th of July celebration with its red, white and blue color palette. Did you know that there's actually a meaning behind the color choices for the American flag? White signifies purity and innocence, red stands for hardiness & valor, and blue, signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice. To me personally, the colors stand for opportunity, enthusiasm, energy, and freedom. I can't think of a more timeless palette that can be expressed in a million different ways: think of a basic jeans and white T-shirt outfit topped off with a classic red lipstick, a healthy bowl of yogurt with blueberries and strawberries or a row of striped beach cabanas on a hot summer day.

I am loving the look for home décor as well. Thread with caution: you don't want your house looking like Yankee Doodle Dandy calls it home. Here are a few chic ideas for decorating in a red, white and blue palette.

Color blocking is the easiest way to handle any bold color combination. Avoid patterns altogether and opt for a strong no-fuss graphic look. You can't go wrong with generic shapes, basic silhouettes and classic tried-and-true materials.

Stripes are another way to tie together this simple palette. Don't afraid to combine stripes of varying proportions and directions. I also love the red outline of the picture frames on the left.

From stripes, we can move into classically colored plaids, checks and ginghams. I love swapping out the traditional darker navy blue for a softer and slightly warmer aqua. Washed denims and chambray colors are another way to update your blue component.

Go bold or go home! Fully commit to the look by mixing and matching a variety of prints and patterns, all offset by a bold cherry-red color on the wall. The art and accessories (down to the colors of the book spines) follow suit.

I love chinoiserie in red, white and blue. Think red lacquer, blue-and-white Chinese pottery and exotic toile motifs. So chic!

A sightly softer take on this look involves romantic florals and lots of white paint.

Very much on-trend is this curated “world-traveler” approach, featuring ikats, suzanis, embroideries and ticking stripes, sourced from all over the world – a common simple and fresh color palette is what ties them all together.

Calico's new Riya pattern first in perfectly with this global, tribal look.

I am leaving you with this last image which for me sums up perfectly a decorating approach that is not literally tied to a particular theme or trend, but rather allows for a true expression of your personality and preferences – a collection of visual elements, unassuming and humble, that becomes your very own moodboard, ever changing and ever evolving. Happy July 4th!

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