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Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules

It really stumps me that we can get so hung up on “rules”: for dressing, for decorating, for relationships (remember The Rules?)... Not wearing white after Labor Day, what's that all about? Just as fashion should be a fun, creative outlet to express your spirit and personality, so should your home décor reflect what makes you happy. Surround yourself with the colors, textures, patterns and accessories you truly love and your house will become a home. Here are a few rules that are just meant to be broken:

Pink and red clash

Says who? And is clashing necessarily a bad thing? Trust me, mixing pink and red is not the cardinal decorating sin it is made out to be. Case in point: this romantic/exotic bedroom by Spanish designer Lorenzo Castillo – chic and bold!

All dining chairs should match

While this standard may still hold true, it is certainly no longer an absolute rule. For an eclectic look, opt for chairs in a variety of shapes, materials, and colors. To keep things somewhat unified, upholster the same chair in different colorways of the same fabric pattern or try using a few matching chairs and a different one at the head of the table only. OR... go for it and mix them all up, and balance with a super simple dining table.

Ceilings have to be white

Granted, it is easy to forget about the space above your head when designing a room, so the failsafe option seems to be to leave them white. But wait... this daring statement can do so much for your room. It draws your eyes upward, adding more height to you spaces. I just about gasped when I saw the peach ceiling in Atlanta designer Danielle Rollins' dining room – peach with a high gloss lacquer no less. Such a flattering shade, and a gorgeous complement to this pretty green room.

No large patterns on small chairs

Definitely a rule you want to break. Not that there's anything wrong with smaller motifs, but a large statement fabric will add so much oomph and pizazz to a small piece. And while we are on the subject of of patterns: there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing them, though it does help to have a common denominator such as a limited color palette.

Stick to one design style and time period

If you actually did that, you'd end up with a room that would feel like period décor, or worse: it would be plain boring. Just because you like antique or vintage pieces doesn’t mean you can’t bring a modern chair, a contemporary painting, a anachronistic color into the mix. Spaces that blend old and new are filled with character.

Bad taste is bad

First of all, there's no such thing. What is bad taste to one person is the epitome of cool to another. Some may think the color choice for this traditional French plaster wall is an absolute horror. As a dear friend would say: that is just Frank Lloyd Wrong! And yet... this picture brought a smile to my face and I am loving the grass green side chair and chinoiserie accessories. As they say in Latin de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum (there’s no arguing about tastes and colors).

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Welcome to Pattern Play!

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