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Home, Sweet Home


It’s the Madcap Cottage gents, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, your Calico “hosts with the most.” Are you looking to re-design certain areas of your home, but you don’t know where to start? Turn to Calico’s In-Home design services for guidance and advice.

Curious to learn more, John and I rang up Tina Ferencz, an In-Home consultant at the Calico outpost in Bellevue, Washington, to learn more.


MADCAP COTTAGE: Hello, Tina! So tell us about the services that are available through the In-Home program.

TINA FERENCZ: Think any home design project that involves fabric. This includes draperies, bedding, pillows, furniture... We also offer Hunter Douglas products and a great selection of wallpaper.

MC: As a consumer, do I have to spend a certain amount of money to tap the In-Home program?

TF: The In-Home program is available to all customers. I’m often able to help clients with smaller projects in the store—not all clients require an In-Home appointment. Although I highly recommend meeting in the home when we’re working on unique window configurations, a whole room or multiple spaces in the home. 

MC: What has been your biggest project?

TF: There are several where I am designing a whole home or multiple rooms.

MC: Your smallest project?

TF: Pillows can be the smallest project but have the biggest impact.

MC: As a consumer, do I pay for your services?

TF: The In-Home service is complimentary!

MC: Do you tend to design whole rooms or pieces of rooms, like window treatments?

TF: I have a nice variety of projects. I’m often working on whole rooms or homes—even yachts! I enjoy helping clients with smaller projects as well. It’s satisfying to find the perfect fabric and style for a pillow or drape to finish off a room.

MC: What do most consumers not know about the In-Home program?

TF: The In-Home program is one of the hidden gems at Calico. Many clients don’t even know about it!

MC: What are your clients looking for in the In-Home design program right now?

TF: Clients are looking for meaningful spaces that function well.

MC: Do your clients rip out tear sheets for inspiration, or do they tend to use digital platforms such as Pinterest? Or both?

TF: More clients are using the Internet. There are fantastic resources out there. From Pinterest to blogs, such as Madcap Cottage’s Demystifying Design, inspiration is everywhere! My job is to help my clients interpret what they like and apply it to their own home—while always keeping their lifestyle in mind.

MC: Thank you for the shout-out to our blog, very kind! Is the client more savvy now than they were five years ago?

TF: Clients are definitely more savvy. I love it! They are more involved. It makes for a better partnership.

MC: Do your clients want homes that feel unique… Or are they wanting to look like their neighbors?

TF: Unique! They come to me because they can’t find what they are looking for in the ready-made world. My clients want their home to reflect their personality and lifestyle.

MC: Sum up the In-Home experience in one sentence.

TF: We have a lot of fun!

MC: How would you describe Calico in one sentence?

TF: Calico is a playground of inspiration and customized home furnishings.

MC: What inspires you?

TF: It changes every day. Maybe that's why I like Calico so much. I’m able to be very creative. One constant is the client. Their home, story and treasures continue to inspire me.

 MC: Tell us one thing about you design wise that might surprise us.

TF: I can appreciate all design styles, when put together well. I do frown on copying current trends and looks. It’s fun to adapt certain elements but I prefer an eclectic approach. Every project is unique to the client. I have never repeated a design or fabric combination.

MC: Calico is all about service. What role does service play for you as an In-Home consultant?

TF: I’m part teacher, listener and problem solver. I make my clients’ vision a reality. I also help them avoid costly mistakes. Sometimes what you see in a magazine or online doesn’t translate in their space. Function is a big part of what we do.

Thank you, Tina! What a pleasure…

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