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Welcome to Pattern Play!

Welcome to Pattern Play!


It’s the Madcap Cottage gents, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, your Calico brand ambassadors and “hosts with the most.”

Last week, I was thrilled to catch up with Stacy Garcia, the wonderfully talented New York-based designer who has just launched a fabric collection with Crypton Home called Pattern Play.  Available exclusively at Calico outposts from coast-to-coast, the Pattern Play range mixes glorious prints with all of the performance qualities—such as soil and stain resistance—for which Crypton is known.

Here are some of the highlights from my conversation with Stacy:

JASON:  Good morning, Stacy!

STACY:  Good morning!

JASON:  Congratulations on your new line!  Tell us about how the Pattern Play concept came to life.

STACY:   The bulk of the things I have done in my 20+ years in design has been in the hospitality space.  Crypton originally started off in the commercial arena before moving into the home space, so I have known Crypton forever. They approached me about developing a print line for residential applications, so it was great to bring Crypton’s proprietary technology to the prints space for home use.

JASON:  Performance has become such a huge category, and Crypton is at the forefront.  It was genius of them to tap you for prints and patterns. I always thought of Crypton as more neutrals and here you are creating gorgeous prints paired with a beautiful softness to the fabrics.  Tell us what you were trying to create with Pattern Play.

STACY:  I wanted to create a line that felt transitional—not stuffy but not too contemporary either.  It’s just right.  The Pattern Play fabrics can be used in traditional settings, and they can be used in transitional settings.  It’s really easy to live with these fabrics and to layer them, too.  We did a lot of pastels that can work as a neutral background and then added pops of color. Everything started out as hand done, very artisanal, and very much inspired by travel.  I didn’t want the collection to feel computer generated.

JASON:  And you have accomplished what you set out to do so wonderfully. Everything feels special and hand touched, and I am bowled over by the wonderful textures of the body cloths in the collection.   Nothing feels hospitality or contract.

STACY:  I wanted to create a collection that works wonderfully with what Calico does so well—from custom furniture to window treatments. This collection gives consumers the ability to really layer the patterns and textures together. Calico is really one of the only retailers in the marketplace that brings this level of customization to the homeowner without them having to hire an interior designer. I wanted the collection to be easy to live with—but also to have those layers that give that personality.

JASON: Layering is key to creating a home that feels unique and special. And speaking of bringing your personality to life, John and I are just crazy about using Calico – there is really nothing else like it for the consumer in the marketplace.  Plus, they deliver on the service component, and how rare is that today, sadly.

STACY:  Calico is really rocking it. They are offering something unique that you cannot find online.  Customization and customer service. They do the measurements, they do the install… I am so excited to have Pattern Play in Calico. The collection looks great but it also has all of Crypton’s performance capabilities –so it’s perfect for homes with dogs and kids. Plus, it’s great if you like to entertain. I don’t have to worry about my home looking great with Crypton Home. You can have a beautiful home without the care.

JASON:  And there you have it… The line is amazing.

STACY:  Really great to catch up.

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